Local Band Seeks Funds for Original Recording
Westport, CT – It’s a fun band. Everyone is having a great time.  And you never know what’s coming next but it’s probably going to be good.

They are The 5 O’Clocks, the eclectic band from Westport, Connecticut.  They’ve been performing their own brand of fun-dance-party-pop-rock live.  Now the band is running a crowd-funding campaign that ends June to raise money for their new CD entitled Not on Facebook.      (See the campaign at www.the5oclocks.com)


“No single label fits the band,” said keyboard player John Lamb who also produced the recordings.  “We have elements of rock, pop, funk, and even jazz and reggae.”

Now after two years of trials and tribulations, the band’s latest recordings are almost ready.



Not on Facebook has nine tracks.  Six were recorded in Lamb’s home studio (that’s actually his apartment in Bridgeport).  The other three were recorded live at a TV shoot.

“We wanted to capture the energy of the live band but we also wanted to record in the studio – so we did both,” said Lamb.

Eight of the songs are originals including the title track, written by Lamb.



Saxophone player Jon Saxon plays tenor, alto and soprano.  But he jokes that his favorite part of the record was singing on another Lamb original entitled Buy the Band a Beer.

“That song is a metaphor,” said Lamb, “We won’t ever get compensated for all the work we do to play live music. We are doing this because we love it. If you like the band, help out a little.”

“For just a few dollars, beer money, you can become part of a great project.”

“It’s a fun album,” said Saxon who first met Lamb in junior high school on the chess team. The two have been performing in bands together since attending Staples High School in Westport.  “It’s well done and I think people will enjoy it.”



“We love our fans” said vocalist Paula Gallo who also went to Staples High School.  “And they really support us at live shows.”  She co-wrote three of the songs including Small Girl in a Mighty World.


“It’s a great project,” said drummer Jim Syarto of Milford. “People should contribute if they can.”  Besides drumming, Syarto also adds vocals, percussion, and even raps on Small Girl. 


“I always have a great time playing live with the band,” said guitarist Tim DeHuff, who is also from Westport.  “We are all local and have known each other for a long time.  If you like the band, help out.  It doesn’t matter how much you give.”




The other song is a remake of I still love you anyway. That was written by former Westporter Charlie Karp who first recorded it with Buddy Miles on the Them Changes album.

“I’m thrilled,” said Karp who played guitar on the original and has a cameo on The 5 O’Clocks version. “The way Paula (Gallo) sings it is wonderful.  She brings it.”


Renowned Westport artist Miggs Burroughs shot the cover photograph for the CD.

“Miggs is a great artist and photographer.  And he is synonymous with all things Westport,” said Lamb.  “So we will were thrilled when he agreed to do our photo shoot.  And the results are fabulous.”